T H E  B L U E  P E A R L

R E A C H I N G  T H E  M O S T

Our art pieces are published in more than 53 countries, with more than 50 millions of interactions. 

Below, some of the most remarkable magazines that are sharing our creativity.

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T H E  I N S I D E  P R O J E C T

The unconventional page which looks at the projects from the artist's side.

Soon available with the publication of The White Pearl. 

N E X T  L O C A T I O N S

We truly appreciate your advice to discover new faces of our world. If you have a new suggestion for another beautiful place to visit, click here. Below, the possible next locations we wish to visit.

Greece | Oia

Italy | Burano, Veneto

Italy | Matera, Puglia

Italy | Ostuni, Puglia

Portugal | Costa Nova 

Portugal | Castelo de Vide

Spain | Muralha Roja

Spain | Opera House, Valencia

Spain | Salinas de Torrevieja

Tanzania | Stone Town, Zanzibar


With the purpose to keep sharing culture, we are open to new partnerships. If you have an interesting idea which can envolve our creative skills, let us know. 

Please write to sales@tiagoetania.com

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Tania De Pascalis
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