T H E  D U O


Tiago and Tania are an artistic duo born in 2019 to share their vision through creative projects born from the union of their complementary points of view. After their projects were mentioned on Behance, the world's largest creative platform, the duo gained good visibility. Their projects were published in trade magazines such as Fubiz, MyModernMat, Wired, Colossal, and many others, obtaining great success.


O U R  B L A Z O N

The Blazon represents our "Modus operandi" as artists and as persons. It contains various elements, each with a specific meaning, described below.

To discover the meanings, pass the mouse upon the Blazon.


There are six stars in the sky, like the six photographs that compose each series. Each of them will be printed in limited copies, with different dimensions, depending on the project. All the details are available on The Series menu.


It represents the most precious photograph, printed in a single copy. It will be available only to those who have at least one print of the belonging series through auction.

The Moon of the Logo Tiago&Tania


The mountains, which rise in place of a flat horizon, correspond to the efforts made, day after day, to reach our goal as well as the ambition to reach the top.


Seen as a symbol of wisdom gained through personal growth, the crow represents our approach to life. We live experiences and turn them into collectible images, to cut through time and guides you inside our memories.