T H E  D U O


Tiago and Tania are artists, dreamers, travelers, romantics, who use the image to express their poetry. They feed on inspiration, the delicate mixture between deep curiosity and divine intuition, to generate tales unrelated to the time, made unique by their eyes. Through travel, they express the creative flair, generated by the blend of their man and woman essence, and by two different characters which share a complementary vision of the world. Theirs is a path of two souls, with a strong will to show the origins of emotions, collected along their journey, printed and framed to preserve beauty from the passage of the time.

Their driving spirit owes its origins to the combination between Tania's harmonic genius and Tiago's instinct thought, which creates an authentic and balanced vision of the world. Through the art of photography, they shape a unipolar form of communication, in which they pour the emotions experienced during the creative process. Their approach with images stimulates hidden instincts and evokes pure and genuine feelings.

The instinct comes up when entering in full connection with the environment, enhancing all their senses, savoring every element present alive in the surroundings. Colors, lights, shadows, sounds, smells, are the inspiration's guide that accompanies every step and decision. Taking advantage of the talent, they exploit all these elements with harmony, free from any trepidation or time pressure, selecting the frame that best conveys the nascent emotion. Based on visual research and wait, their work completes naturally and unexpectedly, with the arrival of the perfect moment or the appearance of a subject in the scene.

Tiago and Tania belong to the world of photography. They are known for their photographic series, which represent the essence of iconic and evocative places or buildings. Their path, inspired by a common thought, is nurtured day after day by the continuous evolution of their art. Curiosity keeps leading them to discover new and fantastic realities present on our planet.
The invitation to enter the world of art, motivated them to perfect their artistic language in its forms of communication.

Tiago & Tania run the same name company with which they sell the photographic art pieces. Some of the best products of Tiago & Tania are The Blue Pearl's series, as well as Val d'Orcia's series and U15's series.


O U R  B L A Z O N

The Blazon represents our "Modus operandi" as artists and as persons. It contains various elements, each with a specific meaning, described below.

To discover the meanings, pass the mouse upon the Blazon.


Seen as a symbol of wisdom and personal growth, the crow represents the artist.


Placed at the top, indicates the richness that each photograph brings with it, representing a piece of our invaluable journey.


In the sky, there are six stars, like the six photographs that compose each series. 


The six stars enclose the moon. It represents the most precious photograph, printed only once and available through an auction event.


The mountains correspond to the various labors and efforts faced to reach our goal.