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This photographic project was born from the desire to participate in the explore Gavi photo contest promoted by the Consorzio Tutela del Gavi and the Mia Photo Fair. A Contest aimed at enhancing the territory of Gavi by telling it and describing its distinctive features, its landmarks, the protagonists, and the different experiences that people can live in this beautiful place.

Esplorare Gavi



Gavi is a city whose origins date back to 972 d.C. Its rich in vineyards and hills enchants tourists from all over the world with its romantic forms.
The powered structure of the fortress, located in the summit that borders the city, has been the reference point for the population for 1000 years. Historical sources link the Raviolo family to the Marquisate of Gavi that inspired the Obertengo Order of the Knights of Raviolo and Cortese di Gavi founded in 1973.


Their role is to enhance and propagate the culinary and wine milestones of Gavi in Italy and the world. We decided to tell this story with images with strong contrasts and pastel tones to convey the atmosphere we experienced in this magical land.



The Order of knights plays a fundamental role in the city of Gavi. It was founded in 1973 by Carletto Bergaglio, a character who has marked the history of Gavi of the last half-century who has created a gaviese gastronomic academy.
The purpose of the Order is to exalt and propagandize:  the ravioli that was born here during the Marquisate of Gavi of the twelfth century;  the Cortese wine that in the Gavi area reaches the highest expression of goodness and fineness;  how much is valid in the local gastronomy also for safeguard it. 

The cloaks are white-red, the ancient colors of Gavi, and so are the headdresses. On them is affixed the coat of arms. The medallion, in enameled metal, has in the center a shield containing the symbol of Gavi and the coat of arms that was already of the Raviolo family of Genoese nobility. The motto of the Order, "Abusus non tollit usum", and the engraving of ravioli and Cortese grapes, complete the decoration.

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The aristocratic Spinola family traces its roots in the Gavi district back to the XI century and its name has been taken around the world by gallant condottieri, explorers, men of the cloth, governors and even muses of Renaissance painters. Today it includes entrepreneurs, artists and intellectuals.

The family has an ancient bond with the Gavi area where the Spinolas have lived for centuries, for example Tassarolo Castle, which overlooks the company vineyards, and in the XV century housed a mint that turned out silver “tolars” with an effigy of Count Agostino Spinola.

Today, the family’s special ties with the area are reflected in a profound knowledge of the wine-making tradition and respect for the earth and nature.

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