I N S I D E  C H E F C H A O U E N

We stumbled upon Chefchoauen through Instagram. From that moment we felt in love with it and its marvelous color. Since that day, we were designing our trip spending a lot of time to discover as much as possible, through blogs, social networks, google street view, and documentaries. Our goal was to bring at home a unique project. One year later, we bought the flights, and so our adventure began.

T H E  A R R I V A L  I N  T H E  B L U E  P E A R L

After landing at Tangeri airport, we met Karim, a young taxi diver, with who we immediately became friends. He took us to Chefchaouen, a trip that lasted a bit more than two hours, during which he told us interesting things about his country and culture.

Once in Chefchaouen, Karim offered himself to guide us to the hotel. It was very kind and careful. We booked a room at Dar Blue Pearl, located in the Medina of Chefchaouen, a place perfect for move around at our identified spots.

At the hotel, we met Ahmed and his cousin that, with his family, manages the location. We spent five days in Chefchaouen, experiencing quiet mornings and frenetics evenings. Our travel was during the Ramadan period. We remember that the inhabitants generally woke up in the late morning, but they were keeping celebrate until late in the evening. 

During our stay, we were used to taking a delicious breakfast on The Blue Pearl terrace, from where you can observe all the city around you. After that, we exploited the rest of the morning to scout new photographic spots. The rare presence of inhabitants helped us to find particular frames.

C H E F C H A O U E N  A N D  I T S  O R I G I N S

Chefchaouen is worldly known as The Blue Pearl of Morocco. It is a small town full of history and culture. Nestled in the Rif mountains, this old town has beautiful environments and distinct architecture, but what makes it stand out are the striking and varying shades of blue that entirely paint its streets and homes.


Moulay Ali Ben Moussa founded the town in 1471 as a small fortress to fight the Portuguese invasions of Morocco. The maze-like sector, called the medina, is similar to others in the area. It has white-washed buildings of Spanish and Moorish architecture. However, the shades of blue are unique to this town. There are different reasons cited for the striking blue walls. According to Jewish belief, the blue color is representative of the spirit. The Jewish refugees spread the blue fever to the entire ‘medina’ in 1930, probably as a religious practice.

T H E  P R O J E C T

One of the many things that surprised us about Chefchaouen was its ability to get into our minds, influencing our thoughts until conditioning our dreams. We focused on creating a powerful connection with the city and its blue spirit, exploiting all the five senses. Through this way, we went beyond the photographic vision, fully experiencing and capturing the life of the Blue Pearl. We spent for 120h with a respectful and discrete presence, leaving that the photography shaped itself.

As it was a unique experience of its kind, we brought home a large number of photographs. We have had some difficulties in the choice phase. We focused on those photographs which conveyed the romantic side of the Blue Pearl, with candid and traditional circumstances. Our project aims to be closer to a paint representation. 

The numerous tones of blue, allowed us to play more freely in post-production, looking for a result that fitted well with our final selection, bringing the color vibrance the closer to the emotion we felt during the shot. Admiration, amazement, happiness, calm, exaltation, curiosity, are the feelings we mostly lived creating the project, and are the feeling we want to share with you through our art pieces.

P H O T O G R A P H Y  C O M P O S I T I O N

A lot of people ask us about our photos. How we create them, how we develop a composition. To answer all these answers, we decided to create some GIFs which explain our composition process. Have fun watching them.

N A T U R A L  F R A M E




A L O N G  T H E  L I N E






T R I P  &  T I P S

On the way we met friendly and hospitable people who helped us making our journey memorable. Below you can find the links of places which gifted us extraordinary experiences:

Our friendly Taxi Driver: Karim Tanjawi 

Location: Dar Blue Pearl | Map

Restaurants we liked the most: Assaada  Map / Pizzeria Resto Chef Chaoueni  Map