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Marble is a stone of indisputable elegance. 

Its razor-sharp shapes contrast with the curved ribs that cover it. 

The famous Carrara marbles attract millions of tourists every year because of their unique characteristics. Our visit took place on a sunny Sunday when the excavations were inoperative. We took advantage of that to avoid dust and debris in the air and bring out more detailed photographs.

The sun produced areas of light and shadow, making us lose the three-dimensional references and generating fantastic textures. The management of the lights in post-production, and the change of the image's orientation enhance different interpretations.


​This collection is available on request.

Each series starts with 1 or 2 proofs of the artist. These prints are the prototype of the series and define the final technique used for the collection.

The proof of the artist is developed by the artist and are unique piece. This image is a sample of Eleganza del Marmo's P.A.

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