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Costa Nova is a tiny village located in the north center of Portugal, between the ria (in Portuguese means river with salted water) and the Atlantic Ocean.

​The project focuses on striped painted houses, the most iconic part of the village. The photographs display the homes in their entirety with bright colors underlining the light-heartedness and freshness of the site, recalling the summer atmosphere typical of a seaside resort. Despite the great tourist flow, the original inhabitants of Costa Nova can still be found, especially in the inner part of the city, immersed in reality far away from that which surrounds them.

​The Costa Nova collection consists of six limited edition photographs (each printed in six copies), plus one unrevealed and printed once.


​This collection is available on request.

Each series starts with 1 or 2 proofs of the artist. These prints are the prototype of the series and define the final technique used for the collection.

The proof of the artist is developed by the artist and are unique piece. These images show the P.A. of the Costa Nova series.

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