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Ostuni is a town characterized by a total white that reveals different tones depending on the reflected light.

Our intent, as for The Blue Pearl project, was to show the village immersed in its enveloping color, focusing on the emphasis on white, making it as intense as possible. 

To achieve that goal, we deeply explored the city for three days, analyzing and selecting interesting spots, photographing them several times across the 24 hours. Through this method, we were able to select just the photographs which had the most suitable exposure, raising the white shades' managing options in post-production.

The post-production of white tones was a hard challenge to face. To convey the same feelings that the Ostuni's white lime transmitted to us, we had to work several times on the style of the photographs. 

In this phase, we have adopted the artistic choice to drastically reduce the contrast between lights and shadows, bringing some white tones to the limit of over-exposure.


This collection is available on request.

Each series starts with 1 or 2 proofs of the artist. These prints are the prototype of the series and define the final technique used for the collection.

The proof of the artist is developed by the artist and are unique piece. This image is a sample of The White Pearl P.A.

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